[archviz noob question]

Hi all,

'm sorry for my English please be indulgent.

i try to build an house archviz.
my house is based on a plan, i make my house with sketchup to work faster, all my house is grouped wall by wall i can export on 3dsmax with Hierarchy. but uvmapping is boring and i dont no if i do it correctly.
my question is if i export plan by plan directly from sketchup to unreal engine, UE can create 2nd channel better than a 3D bloc, and it will work?

thx, and have a good day.

Hi Djoka, have you tried a script for your uv mapping? When your model is in 3ds max try this Iw gives and automatic flatten mapping to everything selected and work pretty well for most things.

You can try to go from Sketch Up to UE4 directly, but I haven’t heard of any great successes with that method.


I’m doing a couple of test scenes using a simple Sketchup room built like the picture I attached. I went straight from SU to UE4 and let UE4 generate the lightmaps, it worked okay as long as I divided the large walls and floor into 4 pieces and set the lightmap rez in UE4 up high. I had one corner with a light leak but I put another piece of geometry around the corner and it solved it.SU-UE4.jpg

Hi djoka,

My first advice is that “search your problem on the forum”. You can find lots of solution. Try them again and again. You will find your way.

I personally would always create your own UV maps for the mesh, because you will get the best result and less problems (overlapping UV’s, seams) -> especially for buildings the uv part is pretty easy (just take a look at some basic tutorials) :slight_smile:

Unfortunately when I have made Sketchup models and uv’d them in Blender then exported as fbx I get import errors such as no triangles found when in fact it’s all triangles. So, I have had to resort to SU direct to UE4 and let UE4 generate the lightmaps.

I hate sketchup models. They always look horrible in max and unreal. I don’t even know if there’s a decent method to get clean geometry from SU models. I tried many 3d warehouse models without success!

If you build them clean they’re alright for rigid geometry, furniture and stuff not so much.

I’ll have to give it more tries because I assume a lot of designers/architects use sketchup and i’ll have to deal with it someday.

I use it to build building shells because the clients I have “always” change their designs when they see them in 3D. SU is so quick to make changes it’s really the only reason I use it. Most of my work is stills in Blender/Cycles and Blender imports .3ds and Collada out of SU really good. SU also has a ton of plugin tools that make modeling really fast.

hi all i have my first result based on the country house by ue4arch.
i export plan by plan to 3ds, stream roller and export to ue4.
and i have this result:

  • lightmap 1024
    -100 bounce

How can i reduce this effect i my wall.
with 2048 lightmap out of memory

Is it like that when you launch the game? Because a viewport render isn’t always representative of what you see when you launch the game with all effects on.

Bounces isn’t the only settings.

Indirect lighting quality is more important. Use 10
Scale and smoothness too will help. Try lower values than 1.
Maybe scale .8 and smoothness .65
And of course prodution settings!

i try with 10 for indirect lighting quality for the other i already put this value
and yes this is like that when i launch

hi all
yesterday i have a good result like this

and today after windows add i have this

how i can reduce the shadow in corner and i want my white wall like before.
i try to increase the indirect lighting because i have piece darker with windows.

i can increase lightmap 512 to 1024 but build is very long
like 4h and not resolve the color of my wall.
i try to search an answers before but cause of my English ,and sry for that, i find anything.

In your post process volume, under ambient occlusion, turn down the ambient occlusion power to 0. It looks ugly for arch viz anyway!