Archviz . nodes . Problem when link Scale, Moves and Rotation for texture samples

Hello everyone, I am new on this forum and didn’t found the answer in other topic, even if it seams similar. Maybe you can help me.

So I have a tile texture on a basic cube mesh.
I found a way to scale it, in linear or on the U or V way.
I found a way to move it on thoses U and V way, before or after scaling.

The problem is the rotating part.
I found a way to rotate the texture but it seems not compatible with the scale and moving things.
I will explain :

  • I can scale and move the texture on my mesh. But if I rotate after the scale changes again.
  • I can rotate my texture, but if after i want to scale it, the rotation changes while I am scalling it.

Screen 01 : Global master material

Screen 02 : Scale and Moving parts (Which work together)

Screen 03 : Rotation part (Which works alone but not with the other it became chaos)

Screen 04 : What I tought would work (The last Add node is linked to the texture samples)

I don’t know how to resolve that. If you know I would be happy to learn your technique :smiley:

And excuse me in advance if my english has some mistakes, I am French, I tried my best
Thank you again and have a nice day