Archviz - Modern Warm Flat

Hi there, this should be my first post, if I remember correctly. I’d like to share one of my works here and look for future cooperation.



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Thank you,
Fabio de Carvalho


Great job! Could you share your light settings? Especially what did you do in the dark hallway? I’m currently working on a similar project)

I don’t know to whom I should thank, but thank you for spotlighting my project, it was a huge surprise.

That is stunning! You must be so proud of how it’s turned out. Really nice touch having branded products on show, just like a show home has premium appliances and devices to show you how good it could be, you’ve nailed that in this example. I’m super jealous of the quality you’ve achieved here :slight_smile:

Hey, thank you very much. But come on, how come jealous haha, I’m sure you’ll do it even better, keep the studying going everyday.

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