ArchViz modeling in LightWave Collision Issues in UE4

I have been a long time ArchViz artist and want to play around with UE4. I have seen some very nice real time archviz scenes around the internet. I’m having trouble getting my models into UE and getting the correct collisions to work.

I want to be able to import my model and then add furniture and other assets in UE. When I do this however I can never go “inside” the model in UE. If I set the collision to nothing of course I fall through everything.

Do I have do model each wall/floor/ceiling and import/layout inside UE for this to work properly? Please tell me no!!! :slight_smile:

Take a look at this video: :slight_smile:

Yes that is good info. Thanks. If I’m doing an interior model let’s say a ROOM. This method will add a collision model around the room so that I cannot enter the room. That has been my struggle so far. Any thoughts in that situation anyone?

You will have to use one of the upper showed ways:

  1. either you add collision boxes (UCX) in your 3d program -> every side of the room needs a collision box. When you just copy and past the mesh, it will create one around the entire model
  2. you add collision boxes in the ue4 -> with the newer engine versions you can add several collision boxes + you can move the
  3. use “use complex as simple” -> not so good for the performance (but with basic objects you wont see a big difference)

When you do your collision outside of the UE4, you will have to make sure that you disable “use one convex hull per…” + “auto generate collision” in the import settings :slight_smile:

It seems now matter what I do I get a “shrink wrap” collision around my room…so I can’t go inside it? I have a layer that has individual boxes for each wall ceiling and floor to be used as collision. Either that’s not being used or I’m doing something wrong. Hmmm…

Would you be able to make a simple box FBX with collision layer that I could pull up for proof there is a way! :slight_smile: I wouldn’t doubt that LW’s export to FBX is messing things up maybe…

Thanks for anymore help.

Could you post a picture of your setup?
Normally it should work -> tested it with 3ds and blender (unfortunately I dont have LW)
Make sure that the name of the collision is UCX_name of the mesh.

Sorry to revive this thread but I am having this exact problem in Lightwave. When you say ‘name of the collision’, do you mean name of the .fbx file, name of the part, the name of the material applied to the surface, or something else?

I haven’t figured out how to get multiple LOD instances within the same Lightwave file for similar reasons (if it’s possible?). That would sure improve my file management…

Further to my post submitted just now, I’ve figured it out. It isn’t any of the things I suggested, but it turns out you can actually name layers in LightWave - Layers tab, Layers panel, then uncollapse the relevant file (also F7 to access).

Sorry for my dumb (also, Lightwave is maddeningly unintuitive sometimes).