Archviz Materials


I wanted to pass along a project we are working on (a teaser of sorts) to provide materials and assets to visualization artists using UE4. We have finished the materials for our first volume, 50 in total, and are now working on a couple of demo scenes to showcase them, one of them is this bathroom scene.




Thoughts, suggestions, critiques or quotes of the day are welcomed!

Thank you for taking a look.

-TJ Grant

It’s a great idea! My two cents. Unless you can make materials that look as good as Arroway textures I doubt I would be interested.

Thanks for the feedback RI3DVIZ! Those Arroway textures do look great. On our materials we have many user adjustable parameters like grunge, roughness, scratches, etc. So if you need clean textures or want to scuff them up a bit there is quite a bit of freedom there. Our drive is to provide materials not only to visualization artists but also environment designers who need dirt and grunge so we have devoted time putting those adjustable parameters in.

Here is the same scene with less of a cinematic look.





Any more suggestions or critiques will be helpful!

Thanks again!

-T.J. Grant

That’s good you have lot’s of parameters to tweak. If you’re going after the Archviz community they’re a very particular bunch. I would suggest you make one room that is textured like the Arroway samples. Browse CG Architects forum and look at users work to see what I mean for some inspiration - lots of talented artists there.

This guys work is pretty good, get something in this ball park if you can.

Good luck.

I usually prefer to see materials previewed on the Unreal ball with a studio lighting environment. Unless you really master all elements of the scene to truly showcase your materials! Lighting can make or break how your materials are perceived!

Also, you could download a library of vray materials (like siggershaders) and try to reproduce them for unreal engine! Good luck!

Thank you both for the helpful advice. Every bit of advice makes them better. We have gone back and have been redoing the materials to look a lot more like the textures and shaders you suggested.

We just accepted a project from an architect to provide some visualization. I have permission to showcase it once it is finished. They want us to use our materials so they will be tested out heavily.

Thanks again!

-T.J. Grant

Stumbled upon this thread as I was looking for something similar and started creating my own shader library myself. Do you have any more information on your shaders and any as heartlessphil said, previewed in a default Unreal scene? Are the shaders set to a physical scale do they map to cm or m ?