Archviz Material Artist

Typically seen in the gaming industry, a surface artist is responsible for defining the look and feel of all kinds of surfaces in an environment. Through the use of materials and textures, they describe how objects’ surfaces respond and interact with lighting. A surface artist’s role is centered on a combination of art and tech. Surface artists must excel at painting and sculpting, but also need to be well-versed in the technical aspects and workflow of real-time projects.

Development and optimization of a library of materials necessary to recreate a real city with cars, people and interiors. This work will never lose its relevance. We plan to expand this area for years to come.

Strong focus on

  • Optimization and profiling
  • Quixel Mixer, Substance Painter
  • Realistic stile
  • RTX specific
  • Physically correct lights
  • Virtual textures
  • Texture streaming
  • Strong traditional drawing and painting skills
  • Ability to sculpt and paint highly detailed 3D and 2D images
  • Experience with baking textures from high-res meshes
  • Ability to create the UV layout for tiling and 0-1 mapped textures

Please send your CV with portfolio to