Archviz - Lighting and optimization tips

Hello guys, i want to share with you WIP scene. Here I need some tips about lighting and optimization of the scene.

First of all i need to adjust the floor material/object not to create so much bounced light and color bleed on the walls and the ceiling which are supposed to be white. Especially in the first screenshot.

Second - i feel that this scene is not so heavy to run in 15-20 FPS. (you can see from the screenshot - 13FPS). I tried to optimize lightmaps size and keep my other textures res low (1024*1024). I got ssr on and tweaked some values in 'ScreenSpaceReflections.usf" file - NumSteps = 32; NumRays = 32;

My video card is GeForce GTX 960.

Any tips and tricks will be very useful. Thank you!

It would be nice to keep the values of materials in a physically plausible range so make sure your materials do that, play around with exposure and light intensities to get your desired result. GPU cost can be seen by pressing Ctrl+Shift+, (default). if you need to go deeper then chack out: Profiler Tool Reference | Unreal Engine Documentation and Performance and Profiling | Unreal Engine Documentation

Also nice work so far :slight_smile: