Archviz Lighting AFTER lightmap calculation

Guys I’ve got a question regarding realistic interior lighting.
I’ve got a directional light, skylight portals in the windows, bounce card+spotlight in the windows and
2 point lights (2 lamps standing in the room). They are all static/stationary lights. Now my question is:
After the lightmap is build. Do I have to turn off all the lights? Or do you leave everything on? Point lights
give hard shadows when they are on (realtime).

Hope you guys can help me out with this.


Let the lights on!

Maybe your lightmass quality settings are not high enough!
But try to tweak the point lights settings like the inner/outer cone… if the inner/outer cone are too close to each other, you get hard shadows, if they’re far away from each other you’ll get a softer shadow.

Thank you for your answer. Should i turn off cast dynamic shadows for the point lights?

Static lights do not cast lights or shadows after a build. Stationary lights DO cast dynamic lights and shadows after a build. You shouldn’t have to toggle light settings before and after builds. Just choose the right light for you.

So you would suggest to use static lights?

Unless you want to change the light properties dynamically or need dynamic shadows, use Stationary Lights. Otherwise you can use Static lights.

Read this from the UE4 documentation for better understanding and use cases.