ArchViz Interior

Hi Everyone, this is my first work in Unreal Engine 4.
Hope you like it.


very cool ^^


Thank you guys for your comment.

That is really nice work! Thumbs up to K. M. A.
Have a look at my work I made a rendered video instead of interactive walkthrough!

great stuff. what I would do is just tone down the lighting a bit and fringe intensity, (i feel like I’m not wearing my glasses, IMHO). other than that, excellent work!

can I ask, what are your lightmap resolutions?

lightmap resolutions is 512 for all walls and some furnitures without compress.

They are amazing, as good as vray rendering. CA is a bit too much for me, though.

Did you create every UV map for all models in your 3D application? If yes, what method, UVW Map or Unwrap UVW with flatten/normal/unfold mapping in Max, did you use? You have a lot of models in the scene and I was just wondering how you took care of them all.

In this project, I used Generate Lightmap UVs to see how it work if i’m not using manual methods to create Lightmap. I simply add UVW Map, check it for overlapping and add it all in editor.

is this for sale? and can you change colors/textures in real time?

No, this is not for sale, and yes i can change texture in real time.

very nice…did you do anything to the light mass settings?

Yes, i make some changes in Lightmass.ini.

Very nice, but indeed too much Chromatic Abberation.

Very nice! Can you tell me which settings you changed to what numbers?