Archviz Interior Rendering sample PERFORMANCE

Hey guys, what is your performance on new test scene?

on my 1060 6GB i got 4-5 FPS in viewport 0_O

It’s pretty slow. Can’t tell you the exact fps atm but slower than I would want it for a real time walk through. Like 10 fps. I got a 1070 so not a real RTX card. It looks great.

It’s lower than I would want for working on it :stuck_out_tongue: I am wondering what to turn off, when working on it and turn on when rendering cinematics. :wink:

2080ti 48-50 fps just with the default view in the editor (Not full screen). Moving around bounces between 30-60 fps. If you want to use Raytracing GI your gonna need to bump your card up to a higher RTX card.

Turn off Raytracing Gi and your performance will jump way up. The scene also has SSGI enabled so to turn it off use r.SSGI.Enable 0 and this will increase your fps as well.

The scene is using Final Gather GI and SSGI and you can see the noise pattern on the wall from the GI calculations. Its very apparently in view as it looks like a noise pattern waving across the wall.

If you change the GI to Brute Force, add another Bounce (Add alot of light to the dark spots of the scene. Check the corners for comparison), Samples per pixel down to 8 since Brute Force gives cleaner results at lower samples, and Disabling SSGI. The cost being Brute Force really hammers the GPU but wow does it look good.

@Jtveclipse12 Thank you.

I got a Asus Rog Scar III laptop with a 2070 in it and the projects now runs on 30 fps. Quite a bit of an improvement compared to the 10 or less fps of the 1070 I had before.