ArchViz Interior of a House.

Hi Guys!

This is my very first finished project! :slight_smile: I would like to share some Screen shots. for feed back! soon I will also upload a video too.
I also have a question if some one can help me! I used the screen shot option to grab the images from Editor, If you can notice almost every images in the mid have some artifacts, how can i fix this? thanks


thanks for watching …

Very nice! Are you using post processing? The artifacts might have something to do with that

Yeah I am using LUT and exposure control.

Looks to be a lot of contrast/harshness everything black and close to black seems very dark if that makes sense. Did you use a lot of ambient occlusion and or saturation ?
Scene looks very good btw.

I added some Post AO 0.6 in post processing volume, and color grading. No saturation. Thanks!
I find out when every I try to get a screen shot with the value of more thn 1. I got a strange line in the middle of the screen shot! I tried it without Post processing volume too!! I dont know what is causing this issue!

Those lines/streaks are some kind of problem with reflections.