archviz interior exterior WIP project


hi guys,

i have been currently working on personal project for training unreal lighting, blueprints etc…

Referenced model :

Build time : 2.5 hours
build setup;
sky light with HDR image (NoEmotion | Marek Denko and Peter Sanitra studio)
skysphere with hdr emissive material


point light creates splotches on the walls , ceiling etc… how can i remove these splotches?
any change in baselightmass.ini file? do i need to increase build quality? ( especially indirect lighting quality? )

need a piece of advice…


realy nice… I love it … I was reading the thread “Lets make Lightmass EPIC (and understandable)”, i wanted to figure out light mass so i read the whole thing . here. they had info about splotches… and koola if that’s the name of the guy… I remember him saying that … "Static Lighting Level Scale : 0.1
Num Indirect Lighting Bounces : 100
Indirect Lighting Quality : 10
Indirect Lighting Smoothness : 1

And in the BaseLightmass.ini :


In my tests, this is the only parameter you need to tweak in baselightmass.ini to remove the skylight “splotches”. —said by koola…

but i think this increases lightmass processing time a lot you could experiment with this variables… hope that helps!

thanx spacehawk

yes that thread was epic literally :slight_smile: but lightmass build times with this settings will be impact my machine and my patience :smiley:

i have found some really good info about remove splotches on this link : “

"Static Lighting Level = 0.2 (Below that we have not much impact)
NumHemisphereSamples = 256 or 512 (above 512 will have not much difference)
IndirectPhotonDensity = 12000 (If there are still flickers of artificial lighting, increase this value along with the parameter below)
IndirectIrradiancePhotonDensity = 8000
IndirectPhotonSearchDistance = 180 (180 - 240)
i will try that…but i think i need a render farm to build lightmass like this kind of projects.
thx anyway…