ArchViz In-/Outdoor-Scene

Hi guys,

with the content from my last workflows, i create a in-/outdoor scene in ue4 with Lightmass. :slight_smile:
Sry for the bad building desgin I’m not a architect. :smiley:

Lightmass Rendering


Looks great, well done

Very nice work, Ulrich !

Great job Ulrich! I really like the layout of the foliage around the property. When I glanced at the second photo, I thought someone had been murdered. You can see the blood splattered on the walls in the windows. Glad to know that it was just a picture on the wall. Keep up the great work!

Looks great,

any change of putting up the scene to show what lights and settings you have used.

I am trying to do an outdoor scene but cannot get the lighting correct.



here my complete setup :slight_smile:

That great,

any chance of a screen shot of the first image from Unreal showing light locations etc.

Cheers SteveW

How did you do the grass?

That is explained by Ullrich and others in the following thread :slight_smile:

Awesome work! thanks for sharing your settings - I’m sure someone will find a good bit of value in that :slight_smile:

Need an advice

Greetings… :slight_smile:
thanks for sharing your settings
I have only one question…
What did use for the background (the sky with clouds)…!!?

Best Regards

The overall scene looks really good. I defiantly like the foliage…

Foliage and tree look crasy , great work again