Archviz - How to improve the exterior garden? (Lighting)

Hi! This is my first post on the forum, (first of all, sorry for my english, I hope you can understand me). The project I will show it’s my second one, and I am having some problems with the lighting. I have used the values for Lightmass Volume and the Post Process Effect from two examples project (Lightroom: interior day light and RealisticRendering), and I’m happy with the interior (I can improve it a llitte) but not with the exterior garden. It’s too burned? (How is it called when there is too light?: burn?) I have a background plane (image), and I don’t have any bounces card.

So, any idea how can I improve this scene? Thank you.

Is it the sun multiplier in your atmospheric fog settings that is set too high?

What’s the intensity of your directional light?

That’s auto exposure, indoor lighting is very low compared to the brightness of the sun, so when you compensate for that with exposure then it makes things outside look very bright. So it’s looking the way it should look, but I would also get rid of the skylight and use the environment settings in the global Lightmass settings instead, skylight doesn’t seem to shadow correctly in my experience.

For ther first question: I have a value of 1. And the intensity of my directional light is 2. (I started with 6)

I am using 3,7 for the Autoexposure Bias and the Brightness min. and max. =1. And maybe I’m doing something wrong, I have the skylight and the lightmass with these values:
27-10-2015 22.10.49 1.jpg

I found making the Brightness min/max lower (both around .4), gave me a better overall brightness. It allowed me to turn the exposure bias down, and adjust the bloom accordingly after that. I’m no pro though, so take what I say with a grain of salt :wink:

If the brightness min == brightness max, the auto exposure will have no effect, so the bigger the difference is between those values, the more contrast you will have in your auto exposure

Thank you. I have changed these values and a few more. I think it’s solved. :slight_smile: