ArchViz House Interior

Hey guys!

I’ve really been wanting to do a realistic interior for some time now, so I thought: What better place to make than the house I grew up in?

I started working on it a few days ago, and I’ve pretty much got the dining room done! The only thing left in the room to make is the chandelier and add a painting on the wall by the doorway; then I can start on the kitchen, bathroom, and hallway areas.

Here’s some sample shots of the dining room so far:

(note that the walkway seen on the far sides of the first picture isn’t unwrapped yet which is why it doesn’t look as good as the rest of the scene)

I added some subtle decals and vertex painted scuff marks on the walls, and am using distance field dynamic shadows for the lighting.

My current plan is to recreate the entire downstairs and all of the items in it that are present in the home (furniture, appliances, etc.)

I would really appreciate feedback! Thanks :smiley:

I’m not much of a graphics guy but I am a photographer. This scene looks quite good to me, the main thing that throws me off on the realism side is the lack of a light source in the room. You mention doing a chandelier, so I’m guessing this is it. I think this looks great!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

There is a chandelier that hangs right above the center of the table so I put the light in the scene ahead of time to mimic what it will be like (so I could fine tune the shadows and lighting). I’ll probably add it in today as well as get some work done on the adjacent room. I plan to have the whole downstairs done by the 10’th, so I’ll hopefully keep things speeding along!

Looks great overall! For some feedback- the main walls look a little too clean and it feels like the light isn’t interacting with them as much as it could, I would add another roughness map or detail normal map and lower the overall material roughness a tad- even if in real life they look just like that- the clean colors just look very digital and take away from the perceived realism (in my opinion). Secondly the table and chairs are very very dark and black in comparison to the rest of the room, they almost pop out for being too contrasting(the shadows are also very dark- I don’t think the ground would be that dark in a real life situation- try increasing the light bounces when you bake, and then increase the overall GI when it has baked until it looks right)- I’d also increase the specular influence on the chairs so that they brighten up a little. Other than that I love the blinds and door frames, they are spot on! Good work, and keep going with it :slight_smile:

It’s refreshing seeing something that doesn’t look like a bunch of square rooms (modern architecture is boring). Glad it’s from your home. Good start!

Update 1

Quick Update :slight_smile:

I added the chandelier and the paintings as well as did some general things like adding in all the switches and sockets.

I also got the kitchen area and the rest of the downstairs blocked out. The kitchen area is definitely getting there:

The Kitchen still needs the stove/microwave/fridge and I have yet to add some of the props, but that should get close to done in a day or so!

Another thing I’m going to do is have customizable materials and swappable furniture in-game. I’ve been playing around with the idea some:

Hope you all like it so far!


Update - Stove, Decorated Rooms

Another Update!

It’s the 10th (one of my self-given deadlines). Been working on this intensely to try and get things done as best I can in the time frame.
It still lacks some light sources and some appliances and small props, but It’s coming together now!

You all be the judge:





There’s some visual errors but I’d in particular like to get feedback on the overall look and feel :slight_smile:

In the near future I may release a build of this and have you click on furniture and walls to swap between props and set colors.