ArchViz for Landscape

I know typically ArchViz is for, well, architecture, however, I am pondering/curious about using some of the same techniques to achieve realism and apply it to landscape/foliage.

Has anyone done any work on this and would be willing to share some tips/tricks?

In the spirit of getting 1 frame per minute, I would also like to achieve real-time lighting, time of day, Rift First Person mode, a vehicle mode, and on a planetary scale using world composition. If this comes together, and I can build it in a few days (lol?) I would end up releasing it free of charge (due to various reasons).

PS: I would very much like to visit Mars, however, I am not sure I will be able to in my lifetime. I don’t think the cost of the trip would come down to consumer friendly within the next 60 years.

Ask Koola about it. :wink:

I like the idea so much. I always loved to create a mars landscape but never did it due to not have a good reason to spend that much time on it. Hope someone would.

Well, if I could get samples on how to achieve excellent results + Performance in the lighting area and realistic time of day system, I could put it together in a day or two.

  • DEM’s from NASA/JPL (check)
  • World Machine (Friday)
  • Time-lapse HDRI (I tweeted to Nasa about it, so we’ll see, if not, “fake HDRI” on google images)
  • 3d models of Rovers (courtesy of Nasa, again)
  • Panoramics of the sky (guess who?)

Luckily, all of the “foliage” are rocks, and AI/NPC’s are non-existant :slight_smile:

Interestingly enough, not one bloody rover that we have sent to Mars has recorded any ambient or environmental sounds… double ya tee eff.