Archviz complete condominium

This work is a prototype, I am working in this level game since abril 2014, this a complete residential condominium, the users can use touch screen options, VR options, film and game with joystick. The idea is construction company uses this aplication before make building for helps in it sale, In my country works, you prepare advertising material, include still images, films and now interactive aplication to sell the real estate enterprise.

Thank you
Ricardo Dias

Great video Ricardo, I really love a lot of the functionality you’ve worked in. Multi-level breakout was a really nice touch. The large touch screen presentation is pretty rad for client show-n-tells as well.

Parabéns! Ricardo
Ficou muito bom! Gostei das funcionalidades que você colocou
Você fez esse projeto como protótipo ou já fez pra um cliente final?

Thank you beckhamm, With UE4 we can make a several possibilities, I love to much this software and yours interface.

Obrigado Pedroagodoy, esse projeto é um protótipo, chama Raffaela tower que é uma homenagem a minha filha, eu desenvolvi durante 9 meses.