Archviz cinematic Project CANTON by Dyna 4 Studio

Hello community.
Our first project finished in the Engine,
Thank you Epic for such a great tool!


Wow this looks great! Are you selling the projejt on the marketplace?

Nope, not great… superb :smiley:;base64

I really like the happiness of the child POV / sounds in the montage, very well made!

Cool to see the band playing in the TV too, a very nice touch (for those who appreciate the details in a project…). The switch to day / night is also cool + the music track add a sort of nice groove instead of the traditional classic / piano music.

Excellent ! ! !

Awesome work!! Can u achieve this with a gtx 1080 card? Please what’s your system’s spec?

Thank you inspired again

Hey! Thank you so much for you kind words, fellows

This project was made for our first customer not in Marketplace : )

Your words make us happy, Stevie, really. It was two months of hard work.
And you added us to your bloq, wow Thank you!

Old Specs used here : GTX 980ti // 12gb Ram // Intel I7 2600k.


My pleasure :smiley:

I know what it is to work months on a project and waiting for a constructive, positive response by the community :wink: