Archviz cinematic by Quasarus (Small Fortress)

Hi guys! I present to your attention my new work. It is called Small Fortress. I used GPU light baking. For the reflections, I used RTX reflections.
For any questions write to me by email: [EMAIL=“”],820,820,820,820,820,820,820,820,820

Superb :smiley: Music fit’s well too :slight_smile:

very nice, the only issue are the glasses materials, maybe use ray tracing to get them right?

.wow…very impressive…can you make tutorial for this?what are the sofwares you used in making this project?

hello can I hire you for some work? Start up company

nice work there!

so the “fortress” refers to the concrete used…like in a bunker, eh? would you really like to live or even be in a concrete bunker? no!