ArchViz appartment project

Hello everyone

Just wanted to share some demo arch viz work. Still a WIP, but ready to serve it’s demo purpose.

What I think I do need to improve is:

  • tune some lighting/lightmapping
  • fix some materials’ scaling - like the metal made pieces
  • fix the normal map tiling in the corridor
  • consider normal mapping for the walls material
  • add details - vases, plants, bathroom equipment, posters/paintings
  • fine tune bathroom lighting
  • fix bathroom walls shading - separate segments with te same material are getting shaded different
  • add some details to the books
  • add electrical outlets and switches
  • add matinee automated tour

If there is any more stuff that you can see wrong/missing in this demo please let me know, I wolud really love some constructive feedback.

You can get the demo build at:

Just hit the big black button “Pobierz wizualizację demo” in the lower part of the website.

In the main menu the first button will run the tour, the second one will shut down the app. We will probably get the english version ready as well, but it is not the priority at this time.

And here are a few screenshots of what to expect: