ArchViz and VR Average costs as a business starter

Hello everyone,
I am an Architect starting a small company for creating Realtime Visualization and VR Interior projects.

And one of my greatest problems is the price and how much should I charge people or companies for my service.
I know this is so complicated to get an accurate estimated cost for that type of work, but I’m talking about Average cost for Average Houses here.

If you can help me please with answering those questions?

1- What is the Average cost for Realtime Archviz projects (Interior and Exterior) for small houses,
2- When thinking of large residential projects, what is the best pricing way to calculate the cost of this service (by time, by project, or by area )
3- If I’m going to make a VR project how much does it costs ?
4- Pricing for animation and how long should it be related to price. (cost/sec or min).
5- What are the average costs for still photo rendering using ordinary 3ds max and Vray tools, so that i can relate to those prices.

I want an average, not exact prices, only some small info so that i can relate and build my pricing on these info.

Thanks a lot.

That’s all priced by how much you charge per hour. You need to charge at least the hourly cost of the employee and then increase that to account for overhead costs and then decide how much profit beyond that.

Learn some project management dude.

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Thanks a lot. :slight_smile: