ArchVis Toolkit - Support Thread

Hi Everyone.

The ArchVist Toolkit is released, you can grab at :…rchvis-toolkit

This toolkit will take your project to a higher level by adding Interaction functionality, like the opening of doors,changes of meshes and materials, Lights interaction, dimmers and more.

Showcase Video:

Setup Video:

Features List:

  • **Change Meshes & Materials : **Just add a Editable Component to any Static Mesh Actor and add mesh or material options to change it.

  • **Lights switch & Dimmers : **Specify if is a switch or dimmer and link the lights

  • Automatic Minimap & Places : Import your level plain, add a floor actor and set the plane and the floor number and that is it, now you have a functional minimap that show player position and rotation and can jump to any place that you set up.

  • Doors & Slider Doors : Add a door or slider door, just set if is automatic or not, specify the rotation angle or movement length and that is it.

  • Exterior View : Add as many cameras what you what to the camera manager, and swap the view in each of them while edit or take screenshots of your building.

  • Camera: Use to take Screenshoots in Character View or Exterior View.

Please post any question or hopefully feedback you may have.


Thank you!

Hello, i purchased your toolkit, i didn’t get the imput config showed in my settings, (like E for edit mode ect…) to configure them, so i did it manyally like this, (didn’t touch anything, just the imput), the floor map don’t show up when i am in play mode, (i scale it like in the video, i can see it in the viewport but i don’t have the minimap) thank you for your answer

everything is working fine if i load that in a new first person exemple level, but in my archviz nothing works, plz any help ? thank you very much

Okay i found a solution if someone has the same problem, just put a delay after begin playin in the archviz BP

Hello, same problem here i cant see the imput config showed in my project settings. The video does not explain how to enable features. I added ArchVis Toolkit from my library by targeting my project and added the BP_ArchVisCharacter blueprint to my scene but I have no control of keyboard keys enabled. I am on v4.23.1. What to do?

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