ArchVis - Living Room

Some preliminary shots of my first tinkerings in UE4. I haven’t messed around with a game engine since the first UT, so this is all a big learning experience for me.

The couches, light fixtures, plant, and TV are all taken from the RealisticRendering map, but I plan on replacing them at some point. Everything is a bit empty, as I need to create a bunch of decorative assets.

Thats a good start! Like it :slight_smile:

As you already said, its a bit empty and the materials could need some love, but definitley something to keep an eye on :slight_smile:

There’s something I noticed on your floor that I’m having issues with too.
If you look at the legs for the couch, even though they are on top of a reflective floor surface, the floor is not reflecting the legs. There’s a shadow cast on the floor from the couch, but no reflection. Does anyone know how to get proper floor reflections? I tried cube and sphere reflections, added a bunch and just one in the room, and nothing seemed to get me reflections on the floor working right.

I like the leather material :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. Yah, the materials are pretty much thrown together out of existing materials, with some custom masks thrown in for the grout lines. I need to really work on them when all the assets are in, but for right now I don’t want to get bogged down there. The problem I seem to have the most (other than figuring out how to make a reasonable, unstretched UV in Blender) is with lighting. UE4 has beautiful lighting, but it doesn’t always seem to be intuitive to work with.

Daniel: you guys made awesome materials and meshes :slight_smile: Hopefully after I get more comfortable with Blender and dDo, I can model and texture my own couches. But as it is right now, modeling a flat wall with a simple arch is a challenge :confused: I miss the days of Unreal 1 (the vb editor is still the best there was!).

Here’s a tv stand I did in Blender to put under the TV. I did the textures pretty slap-dash in dDo, and went a little heavy on the wear for no good reason. I’ll fix it up after the scene is finished.

Added a bit of detail and put in some custom couches.

Nice thanks for sharing :slight_smile:
Love having UE4 as an option for architect views :slight_smile:

The models for the new couches look really good. Great job on the material too.

One of the problems I’ve been having, which is evident in the picture, is the perspective. It seems to be exaggerated. This can be seen clearly by looking at the arms of the couch the camera is standing behind. Another example is the canned lights on the ceiling. The one father away from the camera is WAY smaller than could be accounted for due to perspective (compared to the one closer to the camera). Anyone have a solution to this?

One last update. There are a few Epic assets in the scene (tv, ceiling lights, potted plant, outlets) and some speedtrees, but I feel like the scene is done. Building it was certainly a learning experience, but now I want to go do something else :slight_smile: