[ArchVis] Dynamic Picture Frames

Resize the frame without borders distortion, set style, thickness, colors and more!

Available at the Marketplace
and here on Gumroad

Dynamic Picture Frames is a set of frames that, no matter how you resize it, you never get distorted borders and patterns. It comes with 6 frame styles that you can customize to an infinite variety. It also allows you to split the frame in more pieces to create very stylish environments. I shot the pictures myself, so you can use them without issues.

To use it just drag the BP_DynamicFrame Blueprint in the DynamicPictureFrames folder into your level.
Everything is built using HISM for maximum performance, using the least possible draw calls, and it’s static to work with static lighting.

With Dynamic Picture Frames you can:

  • change the picture
  • resize without distorting the frame sides
  • choose frame style and customize color
  • set the frame thickness or remove it completely
  • set different colors for the corners
  • set margins size and color
  • toggle glass and its depth
  • set canvas’ depth
  • split canvas in separate pieces (the picture adapts)
  • toggle collision

Project contents:

  • 1 Sample Map with frames examples
  • 1 Blueprint class
  • 11 Texture Maps and another 28 Picture Textures
  • 14 Static Meshes
  • 2 Master Materials and 16 Instances
  • 1 Material Function
  • 2 Structs
  • 1 Enumerator