Archtectural Visualization - FrameH8 - Apartment

Hello everyone!

This is our recent work, a fully apartment to be navigated with the Oculus.

The Loft Apartment:

The Interactivity & Design video:

You can open faucets, doors and change materials on the fly. If you’re in the middle of the map and wanna change something that is not on view the system will teleport you to the room in question.

Hope you guys like it. We’ll release a HTML5 version soon and a template version of the material system in the marketplace after that.

Cool! I’m working on something similar and I’m curious about your experiences with HTML5. Have you tried it yet? The reflection and lighting loss is very noticeable, and download sizes are tremendous for a full Unreal Engine project.

I’m really really interested in the template for the material system and the interactivity stuff!

Great job guys :slight_smile:

amazing work :slight_smile: i like interactivity & its scale !!

that soundtrack heard a lot of “Black Betty” eh? not really matching the visual style btw.

There’s some wonky Occlusion Culling going on with the shades there in the background at around 1:30 in the first video. You might be able to fix it by changing the actor bounds of the objects that could be occluding it.