Archmodel Trees

Hey there,

I hope this is the right thread for my question. And that someone can help me, of course :slight_smile:

I purchased a treebundle at Archmodels. The trees look quite amazing and are in different filetypes. The ones in FBX has separate texturemaps. So, I imported one of the models in UE and made the materials using the textures. There are only two textures, one for the trunk and one for the leaves. But the result is kinda crappy to say the least. And if you compare it with the example it doesn’t make me happy. Is it even possible to make this tree as goodlooking as in the example? Or did I just wasted my money?

I hope there is anybody here that has some experience with this product within the engine. Because it wasn’t cheap :slight_smile:

  1. set the mode from your material to two sided
  2. create a foliage material -> use the two sided foliage shading mode + SSS
  3. Dont use translucent in your material -> opacity mask is the right thing

Now post a pic of your result and then I can give you more hints :smiley:

Aren’t Archmodels meant for renders? So if you’re planning to have a game running 60FPS with it I suggest you optimize the meshes some.

Wow, thanks so much for your valuable advise. I’m such a newbie :slight_smile: Here a picture of the new result and the overview of the materialsetup. Hope I did it right. The only thing I like to know is how they manage it to give the leaves two different colors. In the texturemaps are two leaves: yellow and red. But how do you use them together? Or is that only possible in another application and after some actual rendering? 39908b64ab5bdfa9481daf11b805045c85698663.jpeg

Okay, I think I figured it out (about the two colours). When I connect the red leaftexture in the Subsurface Color it looks like this.

Now I would recommend you to add the speedtree colour variation node so that you get a good variation + add some wind + add the tree into a scene with a good lightning (e.g create your own one, or use one from the epic games demos) :slight_smile:

I personally wouldnt recommend you to use the red leaf as the SSS colour, because it wont look so realistic when you see the tree from the direction of the light -> you can add the other colour with a separate material slot, the speedtree colour variation node

Thanks again! I will try all the things you mentioned. Ah, everyday I’m learning new things :slight_smile: