Archiviz first attempt (is it looking decent?)

Hello, I’m new to the unreal engine, and I was trying to create a realistic project using unreal.

It’s not perfect, I know, but can you guys answer some questions about it for me?

1 - Is it good?

2 - How would you improve it?

3 - How close to realism you think that it is ( give a value from 0 - 10)?

Any suggestions are welcome, criticism, any help will be appreciatted.

Link to the album on Onedrive: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.


Definitely good. I do see some things that could use some improvement, but you’re definitely on the right track.

Always keep in mind that reality isn’t perfect, so your renders shouldn’t be perfect either. Not that you should go overboard with post-process effects, but just keep that in mind. A tasteful amount of depth of field, maybe some slightly tinted global illumination, and ambient occlusion might go a long way. Try to avoid excessive bloom, vignette, chromatic aberration, lens flare, and shallow depth of field - these are signature of poorly made cameras, not realism.

I’m noticing a lot of grain on your images. Is that a post process or is it a compression issue? Adding some film grain can be good for compositing purposes, but I don’t think it helps here.

In your second image, is the grey chair in front levitating? It almost looks like it isn’t touching the floor. And a branch from your foliage might be protruding through the wall past the bottom of the stairs.

Definitely great work. Keep it up! Your lighting is spot on and your modeling is very impressive. Have you thought of adding any sort of interaction?

Thanks a lot SBiegun, I will look into that.

About the noise, I used a high value of .3, I tought that it would add more to the scene, but I will decrease the value.

About the chair, i think that effect is because of the tiles, that detail that looks like a shadow is the tile corner( kind of a confusing detail)

About the interaction, it actually have some with the doors and enviornmental sound effects, also you could change the floor before, but I had a problem with my file and lost about a week of work, so i let this part out for this project.

I don’t know if you saw it, but i also added a link to other images, and I’ll post soon a video.

Thanks a lot for your help DBiegun_PDG

Looks good. You can reduce the bloom effect as well, it’s a bit too much, as shown on the chairs under the stairs.

I agree with tupikp - keep the bloom at a good level.

Noise can be very helpful when you want to give the scene a more “cinematic” look. If you think about it, effects like noise and lens flare are faults of using a camera - we don’t see things like that with our eyes. If you want to show pictures of your scene as if it was taken with a camera rather than actually seen with the user’s eyes, just keep that in mind :slight_smile:

I did see the other images in your album. They’re all great, and I think the lighting is fantastic for all of them. In some of the later pictures where you show grass and green walls, it almost looks like the images are too saturated - like the green is popping out way too much. Maybe that’s just me and it is a very small thing.

Great job!

Yes, its oversaturated indeed, I made a LUT on photoshop and I kind of calculated it on only one portion of the whole scene, so in some parts it was too saturated, I will change that.

Thanks a lot Tupikp and SBiegun_PDG, I recorded a video for the project and I will upload it soon, I think that it will work better than just the images.

I will remember those points SBieghun_PDG, you are really giving me a nice feedback!

Update: Now there is a video of the project here :

I would love to receive a more feedback if guys have the time!

What do you think about it so far? What are your thoughts on how it looks? Any concerns / struggles?

I still think the lens flare is a bit much (but that’s just me.)
If you want to really knock this out of the park, maybe spend some time focusing on the camera movements. Each camera move seems to have the same animation curve. Maybe look at some motion graphics examples for ideas if you’re stuck. Greyscale-Gorilla, Gmunk, and School-of-motion might be some good ideas to check out for mograph ideas.

Really incredible work, . Way to go!

Ahh, I will change those details you pointed before SBiegun, this video was recorded before your help, but since it kind of takes some time to record a new video, I just left that way, but I’m definelly changing that, and thanks a lot about those ideas, I allready wrote them on my stick notes and I will definelly look into that, I guess I expected some more feedback of the comunitty, but I got the best ideas from the people that allready helped me here.

Thanks to you all, specially you Sbiegun_PDG.

Man the Gmunk projects are just great!!!

When I ask myself the important questions “would I like to live in there” and “who is supposed to live there?” then this is the feedback:

-one enters the house thru the main door directly into the living room’s sitting area: not very cosy, not practically, just nonsense.
-the chairs under the staircase: no wone will ever want to sit there. put a cupboard there instead or something like that.
-3 sets of table&chairs in the garden? who is supposed to sit there? with the overall space and one car/garage this house might be suited for a single, a couple or max a family of 3. the furniture does not reflect that at all
-a pool just a bit larger then the jaquzzi? really? what would such a small pool be good for? to **** in it instead of the jaquzi? then better leave the pool out and leave grass and space there, the whole place is too dense/crowded anyway. claustrophobia imminent!

all in all this house, rooms and furniture make no sense to me. it seems just like thrown together furniture and geometry.

Thanks Xeny, but this is not what I wanted, actually I don’t care too mutch about this sort of criticism, so if you want for my other entries to just not give this sort of “help” I will definelly appreciatte it very mutch.

If you have something constructive to say I will be glad to read it!

But I totally agree with you, the chairs under the staircase do suck, I wanted to create something more there and I didn’t found something better on the time I had, thanks.

you kind of need to polish your manners, that would be more helpful and other people on the forum would aprecciate your ideas a lot more, allways kindness is better, remember that!

Thanks for your reply.

Leonnn1, I don’t think Xeny meant any offense. The layout of the scene is always something worth considering as well, and Xeny raises some good points.

Architecture is where design and construction meet. Your visualization is on point, so you might want to focus on the interior layout of the scene next.

Well, I disagree on the way people may point things of your work, I totally do not agree with him in most parts and he is rude telling it with few or none knowledge about it, sorry if you could not understand this, other than that, it’s simply the architect original drawing, so I didn’t changed where the furniture should be placed on, I just added a few things, but mostly was because of the original blueprint, I wanted to make it remain close to what was designed.

By the way other than the way he writes, his points do not match with how people project things around here, his points are mostly useless for interior design on my country, sorry about that, so if you don’t know about what are you talking about, at least try to be more polite and smart on your observations, that was my point, it’s a constant feedback, and you may not agree with me Sbiegun or Xeny, but it’s allways good to learn a couple of things in our daily experiences.

For a future project I hope to be abble to create the whole decoration for a scene, but for this one I just could not do too mutch about it.


Wait this is you’re first one!? ****! Good job for the first time!

not bad)

Thanks guys, It’s the first, I hope to make something better soon!