Architecture visualization test

Hi I am a civil engineer, and I tried to experiment on some real time visualizations with UE4. As you see the quality is much lower than the work of the game artists and it’s beacuse of my (low) experience, but I hope you like it! The model is done on sketchup, then imported to blender for lightmap and then exported in UE4. The trees are from a free program called Tree[d]. It’s kind of unfinihed project but it’s done for personal testing.

It could be nice if there was a direct sketchup exporter and an asset warehouse or something. I’m waiting for speedtree too.
I think that game engines have a great potential on architecture and construction, but is not yet achieved because the are mainly focused on the how video games are designed

Looks great. Do you mind me asking, what are the advantages to creating a lightmap in blender rather than UE4?

It has always mystified me- why is architecture and construction largely ignored within games themselves, especially given the success of creative games like Minecraft. Bungie seem to be the only company to have released comprehensive, noob-friendly construction tools to the community- the map, physics and graphics editors for Marathon were awesome, and when I’m putting brushes together in UE4 I can’t help but think of Halo’s Forge.
And it’s infuriating that the few franchises that let you build stuff have taken a massive step backwards in the last few years- i’m looking at you Simcity and Rollercoaster Tycoon…

Unreal Engine is great for rendering already, if you have not seen the demo of their own rendering then best check that out! Along with sketchup the problem is with the triangles in the meshes. Great work btw keep it up and could you increase the frame rate by any chance?