Architecture student, how can i use UE 4.21 with student license?

Hi, i’m an architecture student based in University of Ferrara, Italy,
how can i use UE 4.21 with student license?
my main usage will be for architectural project, VR, rendering.
thank you!

@janenall What does EduBirdie have anything to do with the OP’s question? Please make a sensible explanation because your post really looks like an ad spam.

@beppedealwithit as far as i know you can freely use UE4 for archviz projects.

thank you for trying to answer me! but in practice what i have todo? beacuse i didn’t understand if I have to download the gamers version or what… and when does they ask me for info about mu university?
thank you again!

You may use the Unreal Engine freely as a student. We do not require any student identification. (the engine is free for everyone to use)

As an Architecture student, I recommend you choose the Unreal Studio beta. This includes the Unreal Engine, but also includes additional features for those in the non-games industries. Again, it is free to use, and as a student, you will not be selling and distributing your project for sale anyway.

You can review the Unreal Studio EULA here: Datasmith - Unreal Engine

You can join the Unreal Studio beta here: Datasmith - Unreal Engine