architecture school project - hardware question

hello, im making my final architecture project for uni in ue4 for the oculus rift. im gettimg a new pc system, and since most of u probably use similar software i thought it would be a good idea to ask this here. i was wondering how much RAM should i get?
the specs for my new pc: Intel 4790 4GH
nvidia GTX 980 FTW ACX 2
an SSD drive

i thought of getting a compact mini-ITX corsair 250D but then i can only put a maximum of 16gb of ram. should it be enough? or do i need more? plus will 1600 hz RAM speed be enough?

im gonna use it for ue4 game developing for the oculus rift, 3ds max, sketchup, photoshop, maybe rhino, sometimes all at once.

worst case scenario ill get a larger case… i wanted a compact one so i can take it to school and final presentation with greater ease.

thanks for the help!

I have 16gb of ram, slower too, ultimately I have no issues, though sometimes I could do with having more, like when I’m editing a video.
So to answer you’re question, in my opinion it should be enough.

Simple answer, get as much as you can afford. 8gb for dev isn’t enough, my new pc has 16 but I’ll probably upgrade to 32.

I’m running 16GB but DDR4 2400 stock, which I can OC, never had an issue. I will probably end up going for 32, but in the future. I think at 16GB storage is big enough, and you should strive for speed.

Nice pc. I ordered a new one and it’s almost identical. i7 4790k, gtx 980 sc, 16gb 1600mhz, 2 ssd’s. My ‘‘old’’ pc gonna be plugged and used with swarm agent for improved lightmass calculation. It’s a i7 2600, gtx 760ti, 8gb, ssd and hdd. Will figure out something to raise my ram amount eventually.

RAM is important indeed… I have 16gb and I’m also considering an upgrade to 32. I’ve reached the limit while building lights many times already…

Yea it seems like with 8 gb the highest lightmap resolution I can go is 2048, I tried a couple meshes with a 4096 resolution and it crashed every time.

Why would you need 4096 lightmap resolution? Even 2048 is overkill most of the time really. Back in UDK 4096 helped with getting rid of artifacts sometimes but UE4’s lightmass is a lot better with smaller sized lightmaps.

You are right. I’ve seen it with lightmap density visualisation on my scenes.

thanks guys for the replies! got my pc and so far its great L(

for now im using 16 GB of ram but i can add more if i want one day

I using dual Xeon 3.0Gh, 16GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro FX 4800, lightmass 2048 work well.