Architecture realtime

Hi guys.

Last update from my interior scene which i’m working on.

One word…Marvelous!!

Amazing work mate. That bed looks really cool. Is it Apex clothing or pre-made?

Fantastic!, love it :slight_smile:
love the live material changes hehe

Wow, i love it
Could you help me the way to change material lively, please :slight_smile:
I don’t know why did you turn on the materials menu in blueprint? That’s so difficult for me!

Wow, this is so cool. :slight_smile:

im like blown away by the visuals, probably the best one ive seen so far, well done!

Great work here Rafael! With the release of UE4 there have been a lot of users coming over from ArchViz to take advantage of the Unreal Engine’s rendering power and I’m glad to see you doing some great things with it! :slight_smile:

Any chance of possibly doing some tutorials or maybe a blog post on your workflow or tips for users coming from the ArchViz background that want to get the most out of the engine? Even just a commentary walk through on your video explaining some of the finer points of what you were able to do would be good!


Fantastic work Rafareis123! The architecture you are showing for that building looks fantastic. I wouldn’t mind living there. It is always neat to see what other projects UE4 can be used for instead of just games. Keep up the Amazing work and hope to see more in the future!

Gorgeous! I especially love the color picker on the furniture and such :slight_smile:

Epic! (no pun intended) Best I’ve seen so far. Lighting is brilliant.

Looks great, also loved the color cubes for color selection.

I would love to see a downloadable exe, to walk arround in this scene by my own :slight_smile:

Fantastic work! Please please please post a tutorial and workflow :slight_smile:

So real! great use of unreal rendering. Looks totally like offline renderrer :smiley:

I have no words. It looks so clean and rich in details, that is… simply unbelievable! You put your time and efforts into it, and result is spectacular.
Bravo, @rafareis123!

Wow! Amazing work rafareis123. I’m working for an Architecture company in the UK and using UE4 as a design tool (mocking up basic spaces for testing in VR). The realism here though is insane, would love to know how long you’ve been developing this demo.

Absolutely mind blowing. I have thought of doing something like the material changes. Would you mind making a breakdown of your project?

It’s looks realistic and is designed well. Great job.

I started the project in 3ds studio max. All things were modeled by me. To the bed I used “Marvelous Designer” software to achieve a nice result.
I did some maxscripts to help the process of baking textures, extra UV channels, align the objects to origin etc.
I´m still studying the UE4 and I think the results will be better in next projects. I spent about 7 weeks to finish this demo. I will polish more little things and then share the .exe file with you guys. I´m running this demo at 80 fps on a dual Xeon deca-core and Geforce 780 video card.

this one is AWESOME :wink: