Architecture Interaction on TV TouchScreen

Hi everybody,

I’m seeing some videos that people using te Touch Frame for TV to do ArchViz Interaction. For example: or this:



So from what I’ve learnt. We first have to buy a Touch Frame for your TV, then connect USB and HDMI cable to be able to use it as a touch screen monitor for your computer. Now I have to package an interactive app, is it a windows based app or mobile based app in order to use the touch screen from the Frame?

There’s many options for touch screens–you can buy a screen that has touch built in, but they can be very expensive. You can also buy a touch overlay which is like a frame you attach to the front of the TV and it can detect touches on the screen (usually using IR sensors). One that we use is PQLabs, which can be expensive but it’s much cheaper than buying an actual touch screen.

After that, it plugs in with USB and uses the native Windows touch events, so it will work with any Windows touch applications. For UE4, they recently added support for Windows multi-touch so you can make touch screen applications with UE4.