Architecture and product visualization App

it was an app with Unreal Engine 4 which allows different companies to present their materials and products to customers in a real-time environment, works on both PC and Mobile.
the process was pretty easy, you would add a wall blueprint set its static mesh choosing which set of album should it use.
for objects like sofa,table,… you would add an object blueprint , setting all the different meshes it contain and then choose an animation style (fade in/out, spin, jump up, fall down, pop in\out and …) .The final UI was a lot prettier.
the second scene is based on an Evermotion Archmodel environment.

other people working with me on this project:
Mehdi kargozar
jaber hassani moghadam.

Very nice. Are these blueprints going on the Unreal Marketplace?

not now. maybe in future.