Architecture Advice UE4

Hi there everyone. Im very new to UE4.

Im planing on creating an office structure in UE4.
Now i have to ideas here.

    1. I could block out the simple structure with BSP and then add aditional details later from a 3D application.
    1. I could model the entire thing within the 3D App and then export.

Option 2 seems like a good one to me, but how do i create it in a way that i could apply different materials to the inside and outside of the model. So for instance, how would i have a brick materials on the out side and a paint material on the inside ?

Are there any other Steps that im missing or are there any other, better practices i should try ?

Thanks so much.

I would model it in a 3D app. Just assign a place holder color in your 3D app. like color blue for glass, red for brick, white for interior walls. You’ll need to uv map and lightmap everything then import to UE4.

I agree with RI3DVIZ. Building the model directly in the modeling program will save a lot of time, and there aren’t any upsides to using BSPs as far as I can see. As he said, just apply super simple single color materials to the different parts of the model you with to have different materials in the engine. This is quick and easy to do in 3ds Max.

I often block my levels in Unreal using a 1x1m cube mesh that I resize as needed. When I get a decent blockout, I select the objects I want to export, then file | export selected. I save it as and fbx, which I then open in Maya and do the proper modeling there. This is a fairly quick way to build stuff and it’s not too complex.

Thanks everyone for the reply.

So i see what you mean with the modeling process in the 3D app then export. Because it would all be seperat pieces anyway.
I also like the BSp and export process so you can get a simple layout and then export into your 3D app and then add further detail there.

What about the modular method ?
I was thinking of creating wall, floor, windows, pillars and more so i could have variety when modeling.
And what about using the straight convert to mesh option for bsp, this would be for floors and walls only

You can ‘‘model’’ with brushes but it’s a pain without advanced modifiers and snap tools from a 3d modeling software. Any slightly more complex geometry than a rectangle will be painful. Also, in 3ds max for example, you can download a ton of scripts and plugins to create stuff automatically for you. I have one that build brick walls procedurally with the click of a button!!!

And if you are serious about architecture viz you’ll see that you usually have to use the 3d models/2d cad plans your client will give you anyway!

Yes I see what you mean.
The 3D software of chose for me Is blender.

With the 3D models and materials, I dont quite understand how RI3DVIZ answer works, please correct me if Im wrong.
Within the 3D app, when applying different materials to difference faces of a model, UE4 then recognizes that its saposed to have different materials. Though im guessing i should Import the Uv maps for each model or i could just doit for the similar ones like outer and inner wals would be a model with two materials.

Another question, Is it better to create materials within the engine or within the 3D app and then export the maps as needed ?

Unreal will import the diffuse texture map from any material that you apply to your objects in your 3d modeling app. You just have to complete them in ue4 by adding your roughness, normal, etc…

I’ve read that MODO 10 have a new workflow with ue4 where you can fully make your materials in the 3d software and when imported in unreal they’ll look identical. Haven’t tried tho because I’m a max user unfortunately!

What about substance painter, or the whole substance Suite, I am defiantly looking into it as there are some really cool featuers with Unreal engine and substance, any luck with that software ?

If you wouldnt mind, this is what the work flow i have chosen to use.

  1. Model the entire office withing Blender
  2. Give each wall, floor etc their respective materials (Inner wall, outer wall etc)
  3. Import into unreal engine as seperat meshes, and without generating collisions.
  4. Manually add collisions to the pieces.
  5. Add the specific materilas around the office plock.
  6. Create assets, (Chairs, plants, id card scaners, etc.)
  7. Repeat 3 - 5
  8. Play test and alter where nessasery.

Is there a way to make changes to a model without re importing a new model ? say if i need to make changes to a wall piece for some reason.

Please advice to any steps im leaving out or that need correction.

Modo is a killer app, I’ll look into that thanks for the heads up.