Architectural visualization_ walking people on street ,

Hi, guys .
I am in the final year of my uni, doing the last assignment ( project ).
My ambision is to create a realtime architectural visuaization to instead of using maya or 3dsmax to render out the moive sequence.
The main idea of this project is to creat a openworld enviroment that includes buildings, foliage, and road. I will post some screenshot below , also needs some suggestions from you guys .( thanks )

the pictures posted above were what I have done last month, and the next step according to my suppervisor’s suggestion is to adding some animations, such as runnig cars , walking pepple and movie flags.
I have found some examples, I list below either

so, my question is how to add those animation to UE4. should I need to set animation in maya then export to ue4, or use a specific animation tool to creat them. pelease please tell me how to .

Might have a hard time getting an answer in here, I can’t recall very many projects that utilise animation. You may want to check out the animation forum, I assume there’s tons of useful information there.