Architectural Visualization in Unreal Engine 4 - Community Guide

Hi guys!
We have created a community guide to using Unreal Engine 4 for architectural visualization.
The goal is for us to build the most comprehensive archviz guide online that doesn’t need periodic reposts as it is updated in real-time!

To comment, select a piece of text or a pic, right click, and click comment. Text with comments will be highlighted.
To suggest changes or add new content simply edit the document. The font for suggestions is green.

We will frequently add content to the guide and we hope that you will too. This document is public, so share the knowledge and play nice!

sweet, thanks guys! looking forward to checking it out.
Would be great seeing an Oculus Rift addition.

Thanks A lot. Really Loved It. Keep up the great work. God Bless You.

we haven’t tested oculus, we will when it’s launched. til then we hope those of us who did will add that section to the guide.

Added the french version. Enjoy!

Waw. Thx!
Will try to add tricks and tips.

Hey guys, I can’t seem to access the Community Guide, it’s saying I need permission. Is the guide no longer public?

thx :slight_smile: guys

it’s not a “Community” guide if it’s behind a subscription wall

Dafuc is this?

I’m glad I was granted access just in time for them to discontinue it

Does anyone still has an offline copy of this guide? It appears to be dead now.

UE4 problems

UE4 can appear after import model building lighting lighting problem.