Architectural UV Mapping Questions

Hey, everyone.

I have a question about mapping. Ok, so I have a curtainwall system (in the screenshot from Blender, also a ref pic) and I’m not sure how to handle this thing. Many of the mullions, etc., use the same UV space, given they were created as linked duplicates in Blender for easy editing and all that.

I plan on using Triplanar mapping method in UE, like VRay, since most are stationary. I’m not sure about the UVs for the lightmass, though.

Also, are very large arch pieces (walls, floors, ceilings, etc.) all UV mapped typically? They have to be, right?

I know this may seem vague, but I’m not sure how to even correctly ask the questions, so thank you for bearing with me. If anyone understands what I’m asking and wouldn’t mind pointing me in a direction, I would truly appreciate it. I finally started a thread because I couldn’t piece together the info I needed.

Again, thank you very much.

You would still need proper UVs for lightmapping. It would be a good idea to split your wall into modular segments, so ideally, you would only need two meshes to recreate the scene you’ve linked, namely a door and a window mesh.

+10000 for modularity

just avoid using modular meshes on co-planar surfaces aka 2 flat walls directly touching each other with baked lighting.

Or if you do that, put a pillar or something in front of it and/or use a texture with an intentional seam at the end of modular pieces.