Architectural Props

Hello there, first time posting, so bare with me.
Me and my brother decided to make some architectural props for marketplace since there is more and more need for them.
Also, along with the props I’ve made an uber shader with 3 layers that can be mixed by vertex color or splatmap. There is bunch of settings in it like for UV worldspace alignment or always on top alignment for each layer separately. I will try to explain all functions in later posts. Or better would be a video…
Make the material instance for UBERShader_Master which you will find in ‘JBrothers\Material_Functions\Uber’. It is quite clunky since all the settings goes through static switches for optimization. Here is the link: Have fun and let me know if you have any questions (I’m sure you will) or if there are any bugs and what you think.
Here are the first few things, not really much at the moment.

Okay, I hope the images are not repeating. ****, it was hard to post them one by one…

Next w.i.p. (as for now still in high poly version only) credenza and chair, here we go:

And here is the w.i.p. of the second lamp, where I have a bit of work to do for proper LODs and materials:

Let me know what you think, cheers :wink:

Instead of working on furnitures I’ve been playing around with Koola’s scene :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay, finally update on something :slight_smile: I had to make some improvements on my Uber shader, so barely found time to work on assets. I’m pretty new to everything and still trying to figure out the proper workflow.

Here is how it looks at the moment. I’m not going to show all of the options since image would be enormous.

And here finally the Credenza, where I’m working on textures. Actually more on UVs than textures since I’m using a splat map.

First UV channel is for diffuse and specular. There I don’t care if there is any overlapping, the only thing I must pay attention to is the direction of wood stripes.
Second UV is for lightmaps and normal. I tried to put more possible UV space to where details are needed and to borders, and less on big flat polygons.
Third one for splatmap. The splat map will be reused on other meshes, so I had to think of it’s re-usability. So basically it’s made of various gradients with scratched borders. I will add more variations when needed.
Using a splat map gives me great flexibility and big amount of detail with small tillable textures reused in many meshes. I can change the whole look of the material by replacing textures, or by variating their colors or by simply exchanging layers by switching splat map colors.