Architectural Previz (Archmodel vol.27)

A little Architectural Previz done with the help of Evermotion Archmodel Vol.27. The engine is just amazing. Rendered real time with over 2 million polygons and high rez textures while I get 3 fps with this file in the 3dsmax viewport (in wireframe mode)!

Looks really nice! I’d love to live there :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking good sir! Keep the vids coming please. =)

Holy ****!
I really need to start developing Archviz project in UE4, looks like the huge polycount is not such a hassle anymore…well, unless you go completely crazy with 10+milions :slight_smile:

Well if you had 50 million polys and wanted to UV them, then you would be their all day :slight_smile:

Honestly thats not a big deal for me, because usually I’ll quickly create a low poly version of the mesh ( poly reduction tool in Softimage ), create UV on the low poly mesh, then transfer the UVs from the low poly to the high poly…the process takes about 3 minutes, of course it depend how complex are the UVs, but most of the time is really quick :slight_smile:

Of course you never model in high Poly counts. You use smooth modifiers and tweak the result! :slight_smile:

So chill, I would like to live there.

updatedf it a bit…