Architectural Previs

Hi Unreal community!

We’re seeking a talented individual or exceptional small team of UE4 developers to create gorgeous and photo-realistic architectural previsualizations. Experience optimizing and converting CAD/sketchup/Rhino model for Unreal a big plus. Very little programming (basic camera nav via blueprint and basic GUI implementation is fine), but expert level skills in Unreal lighting, Unreal material editor, UV mapping, UV lightmapping required.

We are a bicoastal (US) startup previs agency with potential upcoming projects (see here for our early beta site: – please note that the work displayed currently is all Unity3D). Please specify that you are UE4 since we are concurrently sourcing Unity developers.

Please send links to portfolio and hourly or day rate ($US) to:


Thank you very much!

Hey Sebatian, great to see you over here too, you’ll be happy to know that we have separate Arch Viz teams who specialize both in Unity and UE4 so I would love to chat further about working with you on both fronts!