Architectural presentation with different construction stages

Hi all.
Sorry for maybe stupid question. I’m very beginner in UE. I export data from Revit and build .exe file for presentation and visualization.

We want to do .exe file with for example 2 options of design (for example building before reconstruction and after) and we want to do fast real-time switch between this 2 options during review of compiled file.
Can someone hint me where i can find some examples or what should i google). Maybe it should be different levels and i should add some script for switching?)

Thank you for any help in this question.



There are 2 choices that are quite similar to each other. Both use levels for the changing content. So you have version A) meshes in sub level A and version B) meshes in sub level B. (and so on) Then you can load these levels via a blueprint node in the persistent level blueprint. (Input “key S” will load level B and unload level A)

  1. If you use static lighting you have to use use two lighting scenario. These are levels that can have different baked lighting stored in them.

It’s not their real purpose of their existence but you can use them to have different mesh sets in them as well which would require 2 different lighting scenarios. Even if the lighting in both levels is the same, the meshes are not.

  1. If you use dynamic lighting you can just use any sub level. They don’t need to be lighting scenarios because there is no static lighting.

About the .exe file. You have to package the application.