Architectural Material Setting Resource - Share Yours!

Hi all,

This thread is aimed towards anyone into Architectural Visualization who wants to improve their scene by creating realistic materials using settings shared by the UE4 community.

The idea would be to share the material editor settings ( with comments if possible ) and a picture of a mesh with the material applied for anyone to understand what is going on behind the material setup.
Additionally also the material could be uploaded ( a Google Drive / Dropbox folder could be organized so that users could download all the available materials )

I’ll be sure to get some of the material settings from the Realistic Rendering scene, which also uses RGB texturing setup for multiple surfaces, which is a very good solution tyo keep everything organized.

Glass material ( made by heartlessphil]( ):

Glass Material Editor
Glass Rendering

Notes: He’s not using the Fresnel effect, to add realism to the material he added a normal map to distort the reflection…also for the reflections he used a custom solution for the capture cubes ( original thread by rabellogp here )

White Ceramic ( from Realistic Rendering Scene ):

White Ceramic Material Editor
White Ceramic Rendering

@Moderator: to gain interest I suggest to get the post sticky so that users will add their materials so that we can create an efficient material database collection for everyone to see :slight_smile:

Good idea! Soon as I have something I’ll share. :slight_smile:

The texture in my glass material in the scene is a RenderTargetCube that was captured with a SceneCaptureCube actor. Just place one in the scene, it will capture a 360 degree image (it looks like a camera actor). Take the 360 degree image texture and place it in your glass material. :slight_smile:

Tonight I made a wet wooden exterior floor with vertex painting. Here’s the shader and the result. I could’ve turned it into a master material with parameters but I was too lazy tonight.

Note : my floor has a lot of vertices to make vertex painting smoother. You need some geometry to make this work.



*small error, it’s not a specular map but a reflection map that i’m converting with a minus one node!