Architectual VR pricing in UE

Hello, I have a question about pricing regarding making an Architectural Virtual Walkthrough for a client.

I have done some research, and have come across 3 types of licencing.
(Frequently Asked Questions - Unreal Engine - Unreal Engine)

I am still unclear to how this works to be honest and would like to be 100% clear on this.

The project lifetime gross revenues would definitely not exceed $1,000,000 USD, it would be a one off price, paid only once. The person that would get the animation (architect) would then take it and pass it on to a client.

Am I correct in thinking that the licence for this type of project is a yearly seat of $1,500 USD (the Unreal Enterprise Program)? And I would be the peron that bought the licence? (no need for the architect to buy the licence, nor for the client to buy one - they will get the exported VR file only).

Does it matter how many projects yearly are accomplished under this licence? Is there a limit to how many projects can be done yearly (as long as the revenue does not exceed $1,000,000 USD)?

Thank you for your time, and any input would be much appreciated.

Hello :slight_smile: ,
In my opinion, in this context you are a creator who produces something for the customer. I understand that you do not have to pay any fees here.

This license is free to use and 100% royalty-free; you can use it to create internal or free projects, or to develop linear content or custom projects for clients

Alternatively you can also contact the License Team at the bottom of the page " Get in touch"

To your second question the license or the < 1.000.000$ are per project/game … :chart_with_upwards_trend:

The question is with monetization or without in the future :smiley:

Wow, so you are telling me that working on 3d realtime architectural walkthroughs is actually free in UE?

Its hard to believe, thanks for all the info and link, I might actually ask the dev team by mailing them.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Ive just come across this 2 types of standard licence - and the free “Creators Licence” does not allow “game development and other off-the-shelf interactive products” - which I think includes interactive products such as Virtual Reality Architectural Walkthroughs?

The other “Publishing Licence” includes this, and price is 5% loyalty if product suceeds, however this would be a one off job for 1 client, so how would this actually succeed other than getting paid for that specific job one time?

Its quite confusing I find to be honest, wish there would be just examples stated, what licence belongs to what type of product, just to be sure.

I would be grateful if anyone that succeeded with shipping a VR walthrough to a client to chime in regarding licencing in similar situations.