Architectonic Modeling/ Product design/ Concept design

A1 Studio could help YOU!

We are a junior Studio of Architects in Spain that are passionate about modeling neofuturistic and new stlyes of architectures concepts. Unreal Engine helped us a lot to create new worlds of construction that don´t have to be real. We can do real projects or virtual ones. We really are on gaming and we would like to show to the gaming enterprises and small studios that games must improve the typical architectonic models are quite simple and non realistic. We would like to show that our studio its on vanguard and upto new inventions.



-concept artist 2D

-modeler designer

-product designer **


Engine / Software Used:
Unreal Engine (Main Game Engine, Rhinoceos. 3DS Max, Adobe Photoshop, and more. If you use other programs, we’re open to that too!

Studio Name:
A1 Studio


E-mail: i[EMAIL=“”]

Please email to get the link to our Google Hangout or Skype. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Adrian Corrales Cragg
Project Manager
A1 Studio

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