Architect type blank project


Usually I would start up the UE4 architect example map for an architect visual scene, but I noticed in the latest version of UE4 it doesn’t support it anymore
(click create project and it asks me to install version 4.9).
So just wondering does anyone use a favourite type of starter project to start their scenes?
Has anyone made one that is ready to go working with 4.10?

Cheers :slight_smile:

They will probably update it for 4.10 eventually. I use defaut 1st person template.

I use 1st person default template, and still use UE4.9.2. Waiting for UE4 with light portal implemented (4.11 maybe?).

I made my own template with some interactivity, blueprints and materials that I use in almost every scene; I recommend you guys to do the same, it’s very useful.