ArchiCAD to Unreal Survey


Soon after the delivery of our Revit plugin, we are starting to look at ARCHICAD to Unreal workflows.

If you are interested by the topic, please fill out this short survey!


Any updates on this?


our dev team got archicad training last week and ready to start prototype.

it will not be before 4.23 because we still have to complete our job on revit first;)

Thanks for the update! Looking forward to the Alpha / Beta!

it’s great!

@pf_breton, would it be safe to assume you would provide a MAC OS plugin/workflow, and not just a PC solution?


mac os isn’t planned yet for datasmith.

Hi!, I’m on it and can’t wait for it as well.
I’m Archicad user since version 9 (at the moment the latest is 22), I could be fully supporting for everything need since I could test in on Windows desktop, Macosx laptop and bootcamp win10.