ArchiCAD export to UE4 is a pain

Hi Guys,
i just wanted to share with you my expieriences with ArchiCAD and Datasmith so far. Actually it´s really hard to get some good models into UE4. Im using it so far with SketchUP and the newly IFC Importer. IFC is actually a no go for me because lots of Model Data is missing. Furthermore ive got lots of UV and Lightmapping errors. Invisible Backsides of Models aso. The Morph function (Classic Modeling Option in ArchiCAD) Seems to produce a lot of Errors too. I had the same amount of Errors for custom Objects from Archicad or imported Models from 3D-Warehouse. The Sketchup importer handles this a lot better but i could use it just for 30 days cause of Pro-Version Demo. I dont think it´s the fault of Datasmith. It´s the way ArchiCAD handles UV´s and Textures cause as a User you cant even map your UV´s.

Hopefully we´ll get our own Datasmith sometime in the future.

Another question: when AC file is imported into the UE4 through IFC, the door object need to be imported as the door leaf, the door frame, and the door handle. How can this be achieved?