Archery game


I want to create an archery system for a game (including enemies, who will fight you with bows).

I am not sure were to begin, is there any tutorial I can use?

This is too broad of a question. So I am not sure if I am answering the right thing. But if it is an archery game, start with the fun stuff: Arrows!

I would probably first make a sure actor that could spawn and fire long cylinder projectiles. There is a great Projectile Movement Component that can even orient the arrow in the direction that it’s facing.

Then I would work on how arrows get stuck in things. Here is a thread on that.

From then I would refine the firing mechanism. Like holding the mouse down for longer would make you draw the string further or something like that.

Then I would make some basic art assets, not to get bored.

And then it’s up to you!