Archeo - new indie game!

Hey guys,

I just released a brand new RTS and RPG game I have been working for half a year.
The game takes place in prehistory. Main character (Archeo) is a caveman and lives next to dinosaurs - tame and train them. All units are different and complement. First levels are more like puzzles.

Name: Archeo
Version: alpha 0.14
Gameplay: first two missions (~2h)
Link to download:

The game is ready to download for free.
Hope You will like it.

You can really help me by following project:

Uh, looks nice. If i find some time, i will have a look at it (:

Only thing bugging me is the water in the 5th screenshot (first one, seconds row).
It somehow has a weird shadow (like the sun is only shining on the middle part of it)
and it is tiling way too often. It needs a bit more randomness.

But the rest looks awesome :smiley:

The game uses isometric view so water looks fine. It is very nice material moving up and down looking like waves and is very good to use on the beach.

Thank You! For me the most important is mechanics. Because I am not only master of Computer Science but also sc2 pro-gamer I want to make great gameplay based on my experience. Hope You will like next updates. It is RTS with RPG elements but first levels are more like RPG.

I have finished almost everything what I planned:.

  • units mechanics with all skills (1 skill per unit and 1 cooperation ability)
  • gamestate save and load
  • statistics of all units and structures
  • messages log
  • detailed worlds maps in high resolution 8192x8192
  • hex fields - place to create buildings (more than 10 types + rivers) 2d and 3d
  • inventory - more than 80 items (2d + 3d) and main character statistics
  • notifications
  • mission objectives
  • 20 different buildings interfaces
  • totally randomly generated 12 types of dungeons

Still missing: multiplayer, good storyline with cutscenes, fog of war

Next update soon with alpha multiplayer version!

You can try game here for free:

Did You guys play already? Soon I am going to start my campaign on greenlight. Wish me good luck :slight_smile:

I watched some of your youtube videos, it looks quirky :slight_smile:
A couple of things I think you should fix are :

  1. add a transparency effect to materials of objects that intersect with the camera to player view direction - obstructing the players view is very frustrating.
  2. î might just be personal taste but the player character seems odd and the quality cannot hold up against the rest of the asset quality.
  3. combat needs some work
  4. add sound effects to looting objects - it enforces the satisfaction feeling for the player when he gets “shinies”

Overall cool little game you have got there , keep it up !