Archbuild-RT -- Architectural Visualization

**Real-time Visualization of medium sized house. **

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Apartment Visualization:

Hope you like them, feel welcome to comment on what you like or don’t like. I make sure the check regularly for updates.



In the 1st video there is too much bloom imo, the 2nd video is better! Too much bloom, too much blurry DoF and the camera path is a bit extreme hehe! Keep up the good work!

What is the process? You model in which software? max? maya? then import fbx? How many polys? Perhaps you can show us a wireframe shot?

Light/Post process study.

@ heartlessphil, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:
@ papigiulio. Most of the time my workflow is Revit - fbx - 3DSmax for optimization and lightmaps, then multy export it to ue4. then the light setup shaders etc. polygons go between 400k for apartment to 1.5 million on Family home.